Our story

Small, but mighty Webflow agency based in the UK

A Bournemouth-based duo you can trust. Yeah, that’s us.

Obsessed with creativity. Blessed with ability. Helping you connect with — and wow — your ideal customers through impactful designs and animations.

Web designer working on design projects at his desk

Founded on a great idea, over a cup of coffee, Quarter Digital was created to satisfy peculiar tastes in web design.

Too many websites could be made better with just a little more time and effort. Rather than complaining, we decided to do something about it.

Our goal is to help you drive your business by showing off your unique offerings and values in a clear, simple, memorable way. We have a passion for helping people tell their stories and get their message out, so we knew we had to fill the gaps.

We set out to create a digital world that was an exciting and engaging place to visit.

Our main motivation though is to make your life easier. Utilising our skills in web design, we create stunning websites that truly represent your business.

We have been recognised as one of the top UI/UX Design Agencies in the United Kingdom by DesignRush

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We've merged our decade of design experience to assist you in growing your company.


I’m one of those people who knew since high school that I wanted to be a designer and won a few small design competitions. My true career began while I was a student at AUB and worked as a freelancer in my spare time.

Throughout my professional life as a Designer has allowed me to hone and develop skills in Web Design, Webflow Development, Wireframing, and Branding. I have also designed more than 100 websites and a number of apps. Some of my project were previously featured in web design awards lists. Typically, I collaborated with businesses from diverse industries across the UK, Canada, the US, and Dubai to achieve various marketing goals.

In addition to my passion for design, I'm a profound photographer and I know all about the latest technology because of my fondness for it. I also enjoy cycling, travelling, and am overly obsessed with my puppy.


As a student and freelancer, I try every day to learn as much as possible from the experiences I have and from the people I meet. By taking on different jobs and creating new experiences I gained a sense of responsibility from a young age.

After working in a number of industry fields such as retail, SEO and Web Development I decided to combine my love for design with technology. Therefore, I went back to school at 24 years old while working part-time to follow my heart. And here I am today just a few months away from the finish line to hold my Graphic Designer diploma in hand.

I am passionate about web design and webflow development. I love everything that has to do with order, discipline, visual design and typography. Besides design, I like to stay active and love to be around nature and dogs.


Junior Pawject Manager

This little gremlin loves fuss and attention, which he gets plenty of because everyone adores him. He is our sweetheart and never turns down an opportunity to cuddle. Pixel is very attached to us and he will happily sleep (not so) quietly on our laps while we work... but once the clock hits cheering-up-time he'll be the first to run over for hugs.

Pixel is the funniest dog we've ever known. When he sleeps, he snores so loudly that it sounds like a bear is in the house. But when you wake him up, he's always ready to play and give kisses. His face is contagious, and you're guaranteed to laugh when you see his reaction every time he wakes up.

His job includes creating ASMR (aka snoring continuously), chewing off the ears of all his toys, looking sleepy and trying to stay awake.

Portrait of a blue french bulldog called Pixel

How we do things

Welcome to the how we do things section of our site. Here's a brief overview of our process. This is exactly the kind of thing that puts people off, that's why we've tried to keep things as simple and pain-free as possible.

1. Scoping session

A friendly and informal chat over a cup of tea is the best way to get started. We’ll learn about your business and get a sense of your timeline and when you’d like this new website project to go live.

2. Proposal

You've laid out your cards. Now it's time for us to lay out ours. We'll tell you how much your project will cost and how long it will take us to do it. We'll talk about deadlines, too, and any other important aspects of the project.

3. Strategy

You don't know what you're looking for until you see it. Our strategy phase helps to ensure that your site includes everything you need — and nothing you don’t. First, we'll help you discover who your target customers are, and what they need and want from a website. Then, we’ll plan out all the steps necessary to build a site that attracts them.

4. Build

Now it's time to build your website. We'll start with the wireframe, looking at the content and pages before the design stage itself. And once you've signed off the design stage and we're all happy, we'll start building it on Webflow.

5. Deliver

It's time! We've finished the website and it's ready to be launched! Typically we would send over a completed project, but we want you to see some of the magic for yourself. Let's schedule a meeting to hop on a call and watch your website come to life. We will also provide a walkthrough of all the features we've created for you!

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